who i am

I believe in altruistic Love, as the ultimate form of adventure and fulfilment.
I also genuinely believe that we're on Earth to be happy and make it a better place for everyone.

I don't like trends. I don't like disposables. I like things which are simple, meaningful, not too perfect and that never get old. I'm an insatiable traveler, organic gardener, free skiier, and soon to be scuba instructor.
Pixies and Pink Floyd are my favorite bands ever, I'm also fond of sci-fi novels and eastern philosophy books.

And I am of course, if it wasn't clear already, a professional french photographer (based in Southern France).

what i do

I capture emotions and tell stories ; hopefully in a meaningful, straight-forward, sometimes subtle or humourous way.
I prefer content and moments over gimmicks, fake posing and "creative" compositions : Life is a beautiful journey and work of art, all I do is document it along the way.

why you should hire me

I've shot more weddings than I can count. Some the price of a ferrari, and some that didn't cost more than the meat on the barbecue. I've shot intimate events, and asian weddings with 500+ guests.
I've worked for celebrities, artists, gallery owners, dancers, singers... and rugby players.
I've worked with autistic kids and made their families cry from tenderness when they saw the images. I once successfully shot a group picture for a class of gypsy kids (ok, I was only half successfull but I still consider it one of my biggest achievements). I've shot portrait sessions on my skis, with scuba equipment on my back, on a paddle board, on top of a cliff, on a horse... I also used to shoot ski competitions and events, from kiddy races to european championships. (I believe those should answer the "Can you work in bad weather ?" or "Can you get a sharp shot of people when they walk down the aisle ?" questions.)
I'm pretty sure I've even worked for the mafia at some point.

where, when, how much

I can usually be found working in France (mainly Paris and the South) from May to October, easily in Asia or Latin America the rest of the year. I have a valid passport, a frequent flyer card, and I'm more than happy to jump in a plane for a job.

For weddings in June, July, August and September, I'm usually booked out 6-12 months ahead.

Wedding coverage start at 3500 / 3750$, signature collections at 4500 / 4800$, and I'm available for a maximum of 5 weddings each year.


There you have it ! I think you should know a few things about the person you hire to capture your memories, so this me, me, me page was my chance to share these things ; talking about myself is not really my cup of tea though, and anyway, I believe wedding pictures should only be about YOU, not about the photographer who took them.

So if that all makes sense, I'd be delighted to hear from you now.

Tell me everything about you, your wedding, your dreams, your adventure together, and let's see if I can help make it even better : contact me. (well, alternatively you could also just hi!)

Thank you !


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